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Hot Blue Chip Stocks To Own For 2019

The U.S. economy is expected to strengthen next year, in part because of the government stimulus proposed at by President-elect Donald Trump, but job growth is likely to slow as the recovery approaches its eighth anniversary, according to a recent survey of economists.

The economy is projected to grow at a 2.3% annual rate in 2017, up from an estimated 1.6% this year, according to the average....More>>>

Top Value Stocks To Invest In Right Now

There’s little doubt that investing in well-run companies and holding their stocks for the long-term is one of the surest paths to financial security. What you may not know is that technology stocks have outperformed the broader market going back more than 10 years. Over the past 12 months, while the S&P 500has gained 12%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Averageis up nearly 14%, the NASDAQ....More>>>