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Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy For 2018

Who knows what is going on with health care legislation? I am still interested in how any potential changes could affect older workers.

The need for medical care rises sharply after age 50. Obamacare the Affordable Care Act of 2010 increased the coverage of these older adults by expanding Medicaid, restructuring the insurance market, and offering subsides. The repeal and replace legislation....More>>>

Top 10 Financial Stocks To Invest In Right Now

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Cheap in this sense meaning the type of stock classically described by Benjamin Graham and his student, Warren Buffett, as an undervalued situation —....More>>>

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Watch For 2019

Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) stock was down on Friday on news that it may have to revise its earnings report for the first quarter of 2018.

Source: Mike Mozart via Flickr (Modified)

According to Wells Fargo & Co, it is currently holding discussions with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The company notes that....More>>>

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

Cash or something close to it is king again.

Enjoying a steady job market but reluctant to spend freely due to economic uncertainty,a wide swath of middle-class Americans are hoarding money in banks.

Total bank deposits rose 6.6% last year to $10.7 trillion, extending steady growth seen in recent years, data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation show.


Top 5 Insurance Stocks For 2018


Retirement planning is one of the most popular reasons why someone does a financial counseling session with me. Typically, an employee comes into the session loaded with their retirement and social security statements, ready to hear that all of their hard work has paid off and they can retire yesterday.  As soon as I find out that they are in a relationship, my next question....More>>>

Best Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now


There’s no way around it: the S&P 500 now has a P/E ratio of more than 26 going into the first earnings season of 2017, and even the “safest” bets are starting to look scary.

Unless we see massive profit growth all around, there’s a real risk this bull market is going to stutter—or worse.

So where do you go for value? It’s....More>>>

Top 5 Insurance Stocks For 2018

5 Worst States for Insurance Producer Fines

5 Worst States for Insurance Producer Fines

5 Worst States for Insurance Producer Fines

(Bloomberg) — Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he’s delaying the Senate’s August recess by two weeks after divided lawmakers have been unable to agree on how to revise the Better Care Reconciliation Act bill, health care legislation....More>>>

Hot Insurance Stocks For 2019

Transamerica to Outsource Life, Voluntary Benefits and Annuity Administration

Connecticut OKs 69% Penn Treaty Unit LTCI Rate Hike

IRS Releases Tax Withholding Tables for 2018

Symetra Life Insurance Company has named Harry Monti to be the senior vice president in charge of its group life and disability and selected benefits fixed-payment medical businesses.

Monti succeeds....More>>>

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Own For 2018

15 of the Best Investing Quotes

Biggest Crash Ever Is (Probably) Coming by 2020: Harry Dent

When the IRS Wants Your Life Insurance Policy

Industry officials see the Labor Department moving forward in proposing a new, streamlined exemption for “clean shares” as part of its revised fiduciary rule, but warn that risks lie ahead in how Labor crafts such an exemption.


Top 5 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

U.S. equities drifted lower on Tuesday after hopes of a Senate vote on “Trumpcare” collapsed amid Republican infighting and stalwart resistance from Democrats looking to defend Obamacare. Moreover, three Senate Republicans have said they will not support a straight repeal vote to scrap Obamacare without a replacement plan.

And while President Trump said on Twitter that he is committed....More>>>