The Right Way to Build a Multibillion-Dollar CBD Empire

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Greg MillerGreg Miller

At the start of the new year, when I made the call that 2019 was going to be the “Year of CBD,” I knew we were about to see a veritable horse race of companies rushing to get those products on shelves.

Barely four months later, we’re already seeing café concoctions loaded with CBD and massive drugstore chains like CVS beginning to carry all manner of CBD creams, sprays, and lotions.

The more market share and positive coverage this segment gets, the better it will be for the choice CBD holdings in our model portfolio. And no doubt there will be a bumper crop of new CBD ventures to pore over.

One thing we won’t be doing, however, is jumping at CBD gimmicks like this…

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Greg MillerGreg Miller

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Greg Miller started working on Wall Street in September, 1987, just a month before the “Black Monday” stock market crash.

During his career there, he became an expert in just about every kind of publicly traded security – from blue-chip and small-cap stocks to municipals, junk bonds, and derivatives. As a portfolio manager, Greg was responsible for over $500 million of assets in mutual funds and insurance company accounts.

After leaving the Street, he designed a successful options trading strategy and made lucrative tech investments for a financial publication. He has also helped develop new products and worked with other editors to hone their strategies.  He’s always been dedicated to deep, fundamental research – and he always will be – because he believes buying the very best companies at the right price is the best way to amass wealth in the stock market.

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