The Real Reason China’s Trading Oil with North Korea

China is using illegal oil deals with North Korea to distract the United States from its efforts in the South China Sea.

And it’s working.

On Tuesday (Dec. 26), satellite images released by the U.S. Treasury appeared to show Chinese ships selling oil to North Korean boats.

These images were allegedly taken after the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctioned Pyongyang on Sept. 11, FOX News reported this morning. The punitive measures at that time effectively barred the country from importing natural gas and specifically forbade ship-to-ship transfers of banned goods destined for the regime.

Now we’re learning the Red Dragon has disregarded these rules.

And the mainstream media is aflutter over this news…

The Financial Times guessed yesterday that Beijing would ultimately be embarrassed that news got out of its breaking sanctions on North Korea.

Reuters covered China’s denial of these illicit dealings with North Korea. They cited Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying, who said, “How can we be sure that [the ships] are violating Security Council resolutions?”

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