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Bank Of America: What’s The Next Catalyst?

We know higher rates are coming. We know Trump is pro-business. We know there will be less regulation. We know those are the reasons why Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) has risen 32% since the election. But what’s past is past; investors need to make a decision today whether to hold the stock or to seek better returns elsewhere. In my previous article I talked about how I don’t see....More>>>

Major Indices Sell Off as Trump Unveils Tax Plan

U.S. equities cooled their heels after Tuesday’s big push to new record highs — led by mega-cap tech stocks in the Nasdaq Composite — as President Trump unveiled his tax plan.

The disappointment was palpable on a lack of specifics after months of teasing from the White House. Stocks have gained trillions in market cap value in anticipation of Trump’s proposed....More>>>