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Top Low Price Stocks To Watch For 2018

Source: ThinkstockUntil about 2008 or so, discussion about the future price of crude oil was directed by the concept of peak oil. That is, when does the world reach peak production, after which the price of crude will skyrocket. In less than a decade, the discussion is now focused on the concept of “peak demand,” the point at which global demand for crude begins to decline.


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Usually, when a company announces that it will sell more shares, its stock prices drops (dilution and all that). Not so WPX Energy (WPX), which announced that it would sell 49.5 million shares worth nearly $500 million. Citigroup’s Jeanine Wai and team explain why investors haven’t been put off by the offering:


The $50/Bbl Question Is Answered In....More>>>


Deutsche Bank, the Trump Organization’s largest creditor, said Monday that the Justice Department recently closed a criminal investigation into possible currency manipulation.

The Justice Department notified the German bank in a letter Feb. 13 that it was closing the investigation, Deutsche Bank said Monday in a public filing.

President Donald Trump’s Attorney General....More>>>

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CarMax (NYSE:KMX) reported a disappointing second quarter that saw revenues and earnings come up short. Revenues increased 3.1% thanks to a mix of new store openings and decent same-store unit comps, but excess used car inventories continued to weigh on pricing. Average selling prices on used cars fell 2.3% y/y and wholesale pricing declined 4.1%. Gross profit per vehicle fell 0.3%, and SG&A....More>>>

US Foods: Delivering More Than Just Foodservice Cases During 2016

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US Foods Holding (NYSE:USFD) is the second-largest foodservice company, next to Sysco Corporation (NYSE:SYY). Many remember Sysco’s attempt to acquire US Foods, which did not pass regulatory hurdles. Soon after the deal was off, US Foods decided to go the IPO route as a public company.

My initial interest in US Foods was the company’s....More>>>