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3 Easy Ways To Spot A Value Stock

Value investors get a bad rap. Sometimes, value investing is referred to as “cigar butt” investing, in that picking up cheap, undervalued stocks is equivalent to picking up mostly smoked cigars off of the sidewalk. A good friend and colleague of mine used to call me a “dumpster diver”. Guilty.

Why value? Personally, I hate overpaying. The old Wall Street maxim “buy....More>>>

There Are Now 1.3 Billion Reasons to Buy Facebook Stock

Money Morning Director of Technology & Venture Capital Research Michael A. Robinson already has a bullish Facebook stock price prediction, and we just received 1.3 billion more reasons to like Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) stock.

We’re going to get to his bold FB stock price prediction, which shows double-digit gains in the next three years, in just a bit.

But the story....More>>>

Can Facebook Really Take On Alphabet’s Stronghold?

Facebooks (NASDAQ:FB) launch of Watch can bring big surprises in the video streaming market. Alphabets (NASDAQ:GOOGL) YouTube has cornered a huge chunk of this market. In February, YouTube announced that a billion hours of content was streamed every day on its network. With this, the share of Alphabets revenue contributed by YouTube has also increased. Facebook wants to gain a decent share....More>>>

3 Recent IPOs That Will Clobber Snap and Blue Apron

The two most well-covered initial public offerings of 2017 have been major flops. Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) went public in early March at $17. After an early pop, SNAP stock soon dipped below that level, dropping below $12 before a recent recovery.

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Blue Apron Holdings Inc (NYSE:APRN) has performed even worse. APRN stock dipped below its....More>>>

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Deregulation Favors Banks

As investors digest the unexpected triumph of Donald Trump in the polls, the conclusion that banking stocks will benefit greatly from the incoming administration’s intention to ‘dismantle’ the Dodd-Frank Act has been difficult to ignore. To wit, the KBW Bank Index is up around 12% since Election Day and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC),....More>>>

Snap Inc (SNAP) Just Keeps Putting Itself at Risk

Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) is getting desperate. The camera and social media company, which once had a market capitalization of $28 billion, is more aggressively turning to hardware to solve its software growth woes.

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According to CNBC, Snap is in talks to buy Chinese drone maker Zero Zero Robotics for somewhere between $150 million and $200 million.....More>>>

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As the world shifts from legacy distribution to mobile and over-the-top viewing, both Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) and AT&T (NYSE:T) face a slowing growth long-term outlook, but in different ways. It’s totally understandable that these companies would consider solving their perceived problems and resolving their issues via mergers. Big Phone has a need for content to fill its massive distribution....More>>>

Has Snap Inc Bottomed Before the Lock-up Expires?

Snapchat stock Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP) had a hotly anticipated $3.4 billion March IPO that helped to awaken astruggling U.S. IPO market withshares rising 44% on their first day of trading as more than the entire 200 million-share offering changed hands within the first day. However and since then, Snap Inc has struggled with shares near all time lows as analyst question the Companys business....More>>>

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Stock Looks Even MORE Overvalued

So far, I’ve been a small brick in the “wall of worry” being climbed by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) stock. I argued in March, for instance, that Microsoft was worth about $100 billion too much. MSFT stock has gained another 12%-plus since then — and Microsoft has added around $70 billion in incremental value.

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There has....More>>>

Facebook Vs. Twitter And Snapchat

In the social media group, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) still seems like the stock to own. First and foremost, it has profits. Can you say the same about Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) or Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP)? Because Facebook is already established, it may be tempting for some to invest in one of these other two companies instead. The price is much lower; and if they found profitability, it would offer....More>>>