Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: SBX.V

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"History must repeat itself because we pay such little attention to it the first time." (Blackie Sherrod, sportswriter born 1919 and still "kicking") On April 8th, we learned that General Electric (GE) would be acquiring Lufkin Industries (LUFK). The deal is one of the three largest in the oilfield machinery and equipment industry during the past decade, and sets the stage for further acquisitions in this sector. Investors should start considering which companies might be next. Bloomberg had been saying since September 2012 that LUFK was a takeover target when its stock had fallen to the lowest price in 3 years. "Lufkin will more than double GE’s share of the artificial lift segment and give it about 15 percent market share," Julian Mitchell, an analyst at Credit Suisse in New York wrote in a note to clients. Hot Machinery Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Nanika Resources Inc(NKA.V) Nanika Resources … Continue reading

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