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Hot Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

A sound retirement plan is like a well-built house: Your savings form a solid foundation; retirement accounts are spacious rooms furnished with a balanced mix of stocks and bonds; Social Security and other guaranteed income provide insulation; and life, long-term-care and other insurance policies keep the rain out. But what if that roof starts to leak? Isnt it time for a thorough insurance inspection?


Hot Insurance Stocks To Invest In 2018

An East Coast blizzard hasn’t stopped the Federal Reserve from its two-day meeting.

A Fed rate hike is expected at the end of its widely watched meeting Wednesday. It would be the Fed’s second rate hike since December and a sign that the central bank’s leaders are moving interest rates up at a faster pace this year.

“It’s really time to move,”....More>>>

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Invest In 2018

A quick reminder that disclosure statements pursuant to Notice 2016-66 are due for captives, captive participants, and material on May 1, 2017. Despite the rumors of further extensions, etc., this seem to be a “hard deadline”.

The last-gasp attempt to stop Notice 2016-66 fell far short on Friday, when the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee denied the motion....More>>>

Best Insurance Stocks For 2018

How Much Cash Would It Take to Get You to Delay Retirement?

Deborah Fox: New Credit Crisis Is Brewing

5 Surprising Expenses Medicare Wont Cover

Editor’s Note: In-depth coverage of this issue can be found at Tax Facts Online, the premier reference on the taxation of insurance, employee benefits and investments.

While it is always important for clients to take....More>>>

Hot Insurance Stocks To Invest In 2018

With estate attorneys, CPAs, business consultants, investment managers, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, philanthropic advisors, and perhaps even more subject matter experts in their Rolodex, families of wealth are sometimes (understandably) confused as to which professional does what.  The answer to this seemingly simple problem – who owns what responsibilities – may not be....More>>>

Best Insurance Stocks To Own Right Now

Last month, MetLife Inc.(MET) was the toast of the town with its bold plan to divest a big chunk of its U.S. life-insurance operations, a shareholder-friendly move driven forboth strategic and regulatory reasons.

But investors werent applauding Thursday. Theres a flip side to MetLifes move: The big insurer says it cant buy back shares while it has material nonpublic information related to....More>>>

Hot Insurance Stocks To Buy For 2018

March 6, 2017: Markets opened lower Monday as investors and traders mull the probability of a more hawkish Fed interest rate policy that could cool what economic growth there has been. The energy sector ticked up a bit today, but the other 10 S&P sectors all traded down, led by real estate and financials. WTI crude oil for April delivery settled at $53.20 a barrel, down 0.2% on the day. April....More>>>

Top Insurance Stocks To Watch For 2018

There’s not a lot that Republicans and Democrats agree on when it comes to Obamacare. But a bipartisan panel of senators found some consensus Wednesday on how to stabilize the individual market in the near term.

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle asked a panel of insurance commissioners — who hailed from states with both Democratic and Republican governors — what....More>>>

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

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Life Expectancy Holds Steady, but Not for 95-Year-Olds

5 Uses for Life Insurance That Most People Haven’t Thought Of

Americans set the Internet ablaze speaking out on Twitter. Yet speaking live to a crowd in public is still their No. 1 fear.

To get the word from an expert on how to prepare, present and benefit from making....More>>>

Top Insurance Stocks To Buy For 2018

5 Worst States for Insurance Producer Fines

5 Worst States for Insurance Producer Fines

5 Worst States for Insurance Producer Fines

(Bloomberg) — Senate Republican leaders dropped provisions that would repeal two taxes on high earners in a revised draft of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, their health care bill, that was sent to the Congressional Budget Office, according....More>>>