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Hot Dividend Stocks To Invest In Right Now


The venerable Merck (NYSE:MRK) has turned into a hot mega-cap stock again, at least hot for a non-Internet stock, on the back of its immuno-oncology drug Keytruda. Here’s a look at MRK’s movement – up almost 70%, plus dividends, in five years:

MRK data by YCharts

This article explains my indifference to going long MRK shares. Given that MRK....More>>>

Top 5 Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2018


There’s no way around it: the S&P 500 now has a P/E ratio of more than 26 going into the first earnings season of 2017, and even the “safest” bets are starting to look scary.

Unless we see massive profit growth all around, there’s a real risk this bull market is going to stutter—or worse.

So where do you go for value? It’s....More>>>

Top 10 Undervalued Stocks To Buy For 2018

Our Long Idea reports aim to identify those firms that the market has overlooked and that, when analyzed beyond standard metrics, are significantly undervalued. These hidden gems provide excellent upside potential to any portfolio, with little downside risk.

In addition to individual Long Ideas, we provide Model Portfolios that provide well-screened lists of companies based on specific criteria....More>>>

Top 5 Dividend Stocks To Invest In 2018

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) was one of the highflyers of 2016, and now investors are taking their foot off the gas pedal. Why? Investors are likely waiting for more news and trade data out of China in order to confirm that aluminum can go higher and break the key resistance level of $2,000/mt. Furthermore, investors want to see Alcoa have earnings strength after posting a loss on the full fiscal-year 2016.....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks For 2017

Exploiting the famous January effect on Wall Street isnt as easy as it looks.

Im referring to the well-known tendency for stocks of the smallest companiesso-called small capsto significantly outperform large-cap stocks during January. Since 1926, according to data compiled by University of Chicago professor Eugene Fama and Dartmouth professor Kenneth French, small caps in January have beaten....More>>>

Hot Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

Will the $47B NXP buyout hurt Qualcomm’s future dividend payouts?

Qualcomm Inc.(NSDQ:QCOM)has been a long-time favorite amongst dividend growth investors thanks to its steady stock appreciation and ever-increasing annual dividend payouts over the past decade. But after the chipmaker announced its acquisition of NXP Semiconductors for $38 billion, its only natural to question whether....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Buy Right Now

As risk-averse income investors, we’re leery of change. As such, we’re always looking for ways to hedge against the unexpected, while still enjoying earnings and dividend growth, asserts income expert Ari Charney, editor of Investing Daily’s Utility Forecaster.

To that end, one of our favorite utility business models is one that uses the stable cash flows generated....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks For 2017

Today we’re going to take a look at 10 dividend stocks that look like solid bets to generate double-digit total returns every year, or at least every year on average.

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Claiming a stock will deliver a double-digit return every year is a bold statement. After all, the “Siegel constant,” named after Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel, says the stock....More>>>

Top 5 Dividend Stocks To Own Right Now

In our recent three-part series, “Building A Monthly High Dividend Stock Portfolio Calendar,” we utilized a variety of investment vehicles to assemble a relatively smooth income calendar, ranging from monthly and quarterly dividend-paying stocks, closed-end funds, preferred stocks, and baby bonds. It’s a $300K portfolio, with 30 positions, each representing 3.33% of the total,....More>>>

Top 10 Dividend Stocks To Invest In Right Now

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) delivered growth in earnings per share. It was a great earnings release. Moderate growth in same-store sales and declining share count made growth in EPS easier to achieve. Over the last few months, McDonald’s share price declined, but that may have as much to do with the increase in bond yields as it does with the actual company. Dividend Champions across the board....More>>>