Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: Minerals

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Every investor should be afraid of a U.S. government debt default. But tearing a portfolio apart because of the risk of a default is risky, too. A U.S. default would be catastrophic. Even one day in default would harm the nation’s credit rating, and have serious ripple effects, including: Damage consumer confidence, and possibly the economy. Cause interest rates to spike higher. Hurt stock and bond prices. Wound the value of the U.S. dollar on international currency markets. SHUTDOWN: Day 7; what you should know MONDAY: How markets are doing Already on Monday morning, 10 days before the default deadline of Oct. 17, the Japanese stock market has fallen more than 1%, and the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen sharply against major currencies. Futures on the Dow Jones industrial average were down 132 points at 7:30 Monday. 10 Best Japanese Stocks To Buy For 2016: Tahoe Resources Inc … Continue reading

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Source:GoPro. GoPro is doing a neat thing with its upcoming Initial Public Offering. It’s letting its users in on the fun. The maker of the popular wearable cameras is allocating a portion of its new shares to social IPO platform LOYAL3 to make sure that it’s not just institutional investors and well-to-do brokerage clients getting stock at the IPO price. “If it wasn’t for you — our passionate customers and fans — none of this would be possible,” GoPro Chief Executive Officer Nick Woodman said to interested investors. “This is our way of saying thanks.” It’s unusual for companies to let their customers get a crack at grabbing a piece of the IPO action before they start trading in the aftermarket. It doesn’t always pan out. Vonageshareholders were burned. Boston Beerinvestors were tickled to know that the vouchers on six packs to participate in the sudsy transaction paid off. Garden … Continue reading

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When short sellers start circling the wagons, they can drive a stock down and keep it down for quite some time.  That goes even for a company that has no debt — and has been consistently increasing shareholders' equity.  One such company also has high margins and generates impressively high returns on invested capital. Over the past four years, this company has maintained a return on invested capital (ROIC) of 35% or higher.  This company is Vera Bradley (NYSE: VRA), which, with a short interest of more than 50%, is one of the most shorted stocks in the market. While VRA has more than disappointed investors over the past 12 months, the market could be offering investors a great entry point for the long term. The short interest in Vera comes as competition in the women's accessories market has been heating up. The success of Michael Kors (NYSE: KORS) over … Continue reading

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DELAFIELD, Wis. (Stockpickr) — Short-sellers hate being caught short a stock that reports a blowout quarter. When this happens, we often see a tradable short squeeze develop as the bears rush to cover their positions to avoid big losses. Even the best short-sellers know that it’s never a great idea to stay short once a bullish earnings report sparks a big short-covering rally. >>5 Stocks Under $10 Poised to Pop in June This is why I scan the market for heavily shorted stocks that are about to report earnings. You only need to find a few of these stocks in a year to help enhance your portfolio returns — the gains become so outsized in such a short time frame that your profits add up quickly. That said, let’s not forget that stocks are heavily shorted for a reason, so you have to use trading discipline and sound money management … Continue reading

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Combining nice dividends with a growing industry that comprises roughly one-fifth of the nation’s GDP should make for an attractive stock — in theory. Unfortunately, the theoretical doesn’t always translate well in the real world. While there are quite a few solid dividend stocks in the health care sector, not all of them are as good as they might seem. In fact, some of them might be downright scary. Here are two health-care stocks that could have investors shaking in their boots over the next few years. Mayan calendar deja vuSky-high dividend yield? Low payout ratio? PDL BioPharma (NASDAQ: PDLI  ) checks these items and more off an investor’s list. The company’s 7.8% yield ranks as one of the highest in the entire stock market. Its payout ratio of 41% is quite attractive. Unfortunately, PDL’s situation is reminiscent of the Mayan calendar hoopla from last year. The difference with PDL is … Continue reading