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Top 10 Growth Stocks To Own Right Now

Platts reported last week that North Dakota oil production grew 74,000 bpd in October – the biggest monthly gain ever. The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources cited the OPEC supply cut agreement and global economic growth as responsible for the rise. No doubt those were contributors. However, the biggest factor may be the additional 470,000 bpd of incremental Bakken shale exit capacity....More>>>

Top Growth Stocks To Watch For 2018

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Kansas City....More>>>

Top 10 Growth Stocks To Watch Right Now

Mid cap home products retailerWilliams-Sonoma, Inc (NYSE: WSM) reportedQ1 2017 earnings after the market closed yesterday with shares up in the high single digits in aftermarket/premarket trading on better-than-expected quarterly results.Q1 net revenues increased to $1.112 billion from $1.098 billion as E-commerce net revenues increased 0.7% to $581 million as E-commerce net revenues generated 52.2%....More>>>

Top 5 Growth Stocks To Buy Right Now

Back in late August 2017, we pointed to a valuation discrepancy with Home Depot (HD) as a reason to buy Lowe’s (LOW) stock. Since then, LOW stock has staged an epic rally, soaring 43% higher vs. a mere 15% gain for the S&P 500. That 43% rally also is markedly better than HD’s 34% rise in that timeframe.

We think the rally in LOW stock will continue. While we believe both....More>>>

Top 10 Growth Stocks To Buy Right Now

Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) reported fourth quarter financial results after markets closed Wednesday. The company said that it had a net loss of $3.04 per share on $3.29 billion in revenue, compared with consensus estimates from Thomson Reuters that called for a net loss of $3.12 per share and $3.28 billion in revenue. The same period from last year had a net loss of $0.69 per share and $2.28 billion....More>>>

Hot Growth Stocks To Own For 2018

Warren Buffett famously told investors to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” Dedicated followers of that mantra would probably dismiss Chinese online media giant SINA (NASDAQ:SINA) — which rallied 120% over the past 12 months to a six-year high — as a “greedy” play.

However, a stock also generally hits new highs because....More>>>

Top 5 Growth Stocks To Own For 2018

 Today, a quick review of one of my new favorite themes: "Bizarro Capitalism"…   To preview the conclusions, you'll find below there's a hidden downside to global central banks' campaigns of endless credit expansion and zero interest rates: As capital costs disappear, so do profit margins.   Equity investors will surely cheer financial innovations that....More>>>

Best Growth Stocks To Buy For 2018

One week after the election, hedge fund billionaires and bank CEOs alike are coming around to president-elect Donald J. Trump, citing his agenda of heavy stimulus, deregulation, and tax cuts as a tailwind for the U.S. economy.

Ray Dalio, head of the world’s largest hedge fund, said Tuesday Trump’s “craziness factor” may have been overstated. If you balance Trump’s....More>>>

Top 5 Growth Stocks To Invest In 2018

&l;p&g;On Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the economy &l;a href=&q;https://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm&q; target=&q;_blank&q;&g;added 148,000 nonfarm jobs in December&l;/a&g; but only 139,000 when the revisions for October and November are included. A better way to understand how the job market is doing is to include the revisions and look at a multi-month average.....More>>>

Top 10 Growth Stocks For 2018

MEXICO CITY — Mexico chalked up its 16th consecutive quarter of economic growth in the April-to-June period as strong services output compensated for sluggish industrial production.

Gross domestic product, a measure of output in goods and services, expanded 0.6% seasonally adjusted from the first quarter and was up 1.8% from a year before, the National Statistics Institute said Tuesday.