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Best Blue Chip Stocks To Invest In Right Now

The word “growth” is the central word in the phrase Dividend Growth Investing, yet DGI often gets a bad rap as a stodgy method of saving for retirement. I think this misperception arises from the fact that some proponents of the strategy (who may be more focused on income than returns) require a certain minimum yield threshold for their investments. This, in turn, screens many of the....More>>>

Best Performing Stocks To Watch For 2019

SunPower Corporation’s (NASDAQ:SPWR) corporate transformation continues, and the financial results can be lumpy for investors. In the first quarter of 2018, revenue was up 19.1% to $391.9 million, but net loss was $116.0 million, or $0.83 per share. Even on a non-GAAP basis, which pulls out one-time items like stock compensation and above-market raw material contracts, the loss was $0.20 per....More>>>

Top 5 Undervalued Stocks To Watch For 2019

A money manager who invests in undervalued stocks is calling for the bull market to run another three to five years and for the Dow to reach 50,000 before the good times end on Wall Street.

The bullish call may sound like a long shot. The Dow Jones industrial average would need to double from Tuesdays close of 24,835, which equates to an annual gain of more than 14% if the Dow 50k milestone....More>>>

Top 10 Undervalued Stocks To Watch Right Now

&l;p&g;As Canada comes close to legalizing marijuana for personal use, Canadian pot stocks are on the rise. According to market research, the sales of Canadian marijuana are expected to go up by more than&l;a href=&q;http://money.cnn.com/2018/06/07/news/economy/canada-marijuana-legalization-pot/index.html&q; target=&q;_blank&q;&g; $4 billion in the first year of its legalization.&l;/a&g;&l;sup&g;....More>>>

Best Undervalued Stocks To Watch For 2019

Organovo Holdings (NASDAQ:ONVO) is a small biotech company that aims to create functional human tissue using its proprietary three-dimensional bioprinting technology. The company’s long-term goal is to build living human tissue that functions like real tissue and can even be used for transplant.

Needless to say that if the company succeeds, it will be a game-changer for the development....More>>>

Hot Low Price Stocks To Invest In Right Now

In my very first MannKind article I offered for my SA readers, I made the following statement:

Wall Street gurus are always smarter than the retail investor that doesn’t do their homework.

I have mentioned several times that MannKind’s (NASDAQ:MNKD) management understands the reality and has done a remarkable job in keeping the company hooked up to a life support system....More>>>

Top 10 Gold Stocks To Watch For 2019

This investment has everything.   It offers high dividends along with terrific potential for growth. It focuses on long-term value, yet still offers the opportunity for short-term gains.   It's profiting from sectors as popular as gold and energy, and as uncommon as Brazilian bonds and Iraqi oil drillers.   What am I talking about? Let me explain…   It's the Stansberry....More>>>

Hot Medical Stocks To Watch For 2018

Medtronic (MDT) is higher Monday, helped by a bullish note from SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.

Medtronic Micra pacemaker Medtronic/Associated Press

Analyst Bruce Nudell and his team intitiated coverage of the stock with a Buy rating and $93 price target. Nudell writes that he likes Medtronics leadership position across major markets, and he believes it can sustain mid-single digit revenue....More>>>

Best Stocks To Invest In 2018

We’ve gotten major new details about the Snapchat IPO date today, as Snap Inc. has announced it’s working on an initial public offering that could value the company at $25 billion or more.

Here’s what we know now so far about the Snapchat IPO date…

According to The Wall Street Journal, Snap Inc. is aiming to sell shares as early as late March. Snap operates....More>>>