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Newsprint Tariffs Will Cost Major Chains Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

The Tampa Bay Times laid off 50 people last week. Management blamed the action on tariffs levied against newsprint imported from Canada to the U.S. That bump in prices will cost Tampa $3 million a year. Major newspaper chains face expenses that will be much higher, although these expenses are weighed against larger revenue

Several large newspaper chains will face the largest increases in....More>>>

7 High-Yield Dividend Stocks That Are Actually Safe

It’s still a difficult time for income investors. Interest rates are predicted to rise in 2017, and Treasury yields are creeping up. But a 10-year Treasury bond pays less than 2.6% interest annually; guaranteed investments such as CDs and checking accounts offer returns of barely 1% a year. In that environment, high-yield dividend stocks look attractive … and that’s where....More>>>