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European Auto Sales Rise 10% in April; Ford Adds to Share

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) reported Thursday that new vehicle registrations in the European Union (EU) jumped 9.6% in April compared with new registrations in April of 2017. New registrations for the month totaled 1.31 million units.

New registrations dropped by 5.3% year over year in March after rising 4.3% in February and 7.1% in January. For the first four....More>>>

Ford Still Committed To SUV, Truck Shift Even As Iran Relations Threaten Spike In Gas Costs

The U.S. has irked a major oil exporter, and some fear its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal could prompt a pop in gas prices.

Historically, such a cost trajectory has precipitated change in the auto industry’s sales mix from trucks or SUVs to fuel-efficient cars.

Who Should Care?

The correlation is meaningful to companies like General Motors Company (NYSE:....More>>>

China Lifts Cap On Foreign Auto JVs: How Will US Carmakers Gain

Dispelling trade war fears, China, on Tuesday, announced that it will remove the cap on foreign ownership of domestic auto ventures. This will allow foreign carmakers to take full ownership of their local joint ventures. The decision will certainly bring a smile on the faces of U.S. automakers, which have been operating in China under this restriction since 1994. Full ownership means complete control....More>>>

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We just discovered a major new 2016 stock market crash warning sign in the markets this week. And this time, the stock market crash warning sign is coming from the Bank of Japan (BOJ).

The BOJ appears ready to take its negative-interest-rate policy (NIRP) a step further and venture even deeper into negative territory. The BOJ first shocked markets on Jan. 29 when it adopted negative....More>>>

Top 10 Bank Stocks For 2018

Despite rising consumer confidence, a lot of factors are plaguing the U.S. economy of late. We note that the market is currently caught between weaker-than-expected March employment data, President Donald Trump’s airstrike against Syria and new policies from Federal Reserve (‘Fed’) that have already begun to hurt investors’ sentiment.

Last week commenced with disappointing....More>>>

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It easily could be a tough day for stocks, as traders are worrying about Spar-a-Lago and moping about yesterdays ugly finish.

Why exactly does the stock market keep wallowing below its March 1 peak?

Analysts have a list of potential culprits: the Donald Trump-Xi Jinping summit that starts today in Florida, fears that tax cuts wont come soon, and the Feds plans to pare back its stockpile....More>>>

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INDIANAPOLIS Executives with electronics and appliance retailer HHGregg announced Tuesday that the struggling business has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

News of the filing comes just days after the company announced the shuttering of 88 stores in 15 states, a major move made to give the retailer a better chance at survival.

Indianapolis-based HHGregg has signed a term sheet with....More>>>

Stocks Mixed Amid Focus on Central Banks

U.S. equities hovered near the unchanged line on Monday as investors and traders seemed more enamored by the solar eclipse than anything happening on Wall Street.

In the end, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.1%, the S&P 500 gained 0.1%, the Nasdaq Composite lost 0.1% and the Russell 2000 finished the day down 0.1%. Treasury bonds were stronger, the dollar was weaker,....More>>>

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QI signed up for Medicare Part A when I turned 65, but I didnt enroll in Part B because I was still working and had health insurance from my employer. But now Im 68, and I plan to retire later this year. What do I need to do to enroll in Medicare Part B, and when do I need to do it?

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Many people who are still working just sign up....More>>>

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Heres another reason why the Federal Reserve can leave rates unchanged Wednesday: Financial conditions are significantly tighter thanks to new money-market regulations that go into effect next month.

Liborthe London interbank offered rate, a measure of the cost for banks to borrow from each other in dollars that also serves as a benchmark reference rate for trillions of dollars in private-sector....More>>>