Best Stocks To Buy For 2013: Dividend

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Readers who pay close attention to our annual rankings of the top-performing mutual funds may be forgiven if they exper颅ience a sense of d茅j vu with our March 2016 issue. Yes, we did publish mutual-fund rankings in our September 2015 issue. But weve decided to move our annual winners list from September to the March issue so we can base it on returns as of December 31. (On, we continue to update the rankings of top-performing mutual funds in 11 categories with new data every month.) Its fair to say that most people focus more on returns through the end of the year than they do on figures through June 30, says ex颅ecutive editor Manny Schiffres, who supervises our investing coverage. See Also: The Kiplinger 25 — Our Favorite No-Load Mutual Funds What a difference half a year makes. Between the September and March issues, the winners over longer … Continue reading

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Related Dolan: Yellen To The Rescue Lyons Intraday Trading Indicator Showing Shades Of 2000, 2007 Tops Daily Trade Recommendations INGR – FICO – NOC (Marketfy Insights) Related Utility ETFs Face Difficult Interest Rate Environment Utility ETF Stumbles in First-Quarter Interest Rate Spike Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation Gratefully Acknowledges and Accepts the Resignation … (GuruFocus) I’m hearing a lot of folks these days draw attention to the fact that the dividend yield on the S&P 500 (INDEXSP:.INX) (2.17%) is now greater than the yield on the 10-year treasury note (1.7%). In doing so, they are obviously making the case that stocks are undervalued relative to bonds. There are a few problems with this line of thought. First, just because the dividend yield is currently higher than the 10-year treasury yield doesn’t mean stocks will necessarily outperform risk-free treasury notes going forward. If you hold that treasury note to maturity you know … Continue reading

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Stocks rose today as markets adjusted to the Fed’s hawkish comments on Friday thanks to a muted PCE deflator. Brendan McDermid/Reuters The S&P 500 rose 0.5% to 2,180.38 today, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained107.59 points, or 0.6%, to 18,502.99. The Nasdaq Composite advanced 0.3% to 5,232.33. The folks at Bespoke Investment Group say beware September: Market bullsnever like when our September seasonalityreport comes around, because it has historically been theworst month of the year for stocks…over the last 100years, the Dow has averaged a declineof 0.96% in September withpositive returns just 42% of the time.No other month of the year has evenaveraged a decline over the last 100years, and September has averaged adecline of nearly 1%…If itsany consolation, September has not been the worst month of the year over the last 20 years. Augusthas actually been worse with an average decline of 1.30%. Top Industrial Disributor Stocks To … Continue reading

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Nordstrom Inc.(JWN) shares are on saleagain. Shares of the department store are down as much as 12% to $46.65Friday after Nordstrom reported holiday-quarter earnings and sales that missed expectations and gave a downbeat outlook for the full year. The stock is set for its worst intraday drop since it last reported earnings in November, when shares fell as much as 21% after the retailer posted disappointing results and cut its profit and sales forecasts. The company has now lost more than a third of its market value over the past 12 months, well underperforming the S&P 500, which is down 8.9% in the past year. It’s been a rough 12 months, in general, for department stores with the S&P 500 sub-group down 36%. (To receive MoneyBeat’s morning newsletter, click here: 10 Best Performing Stocks For 2016: Humana Inc.(HUM) Humana Inc. offers various health and supplemental benefit plans in the … Continue reading

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Investors like FedEx’s (FDX) earnings. A lot. So much so that they’ve pushed its shares up 10.83% to $159.90 at 1:38 p.m. And if FedEx holds onto that gain it would be its biggest one-day move since Sept. 19, 2002, when it climbed 11.59%. Christopher Dilts/Bloomberg News Why the response? RBC’s John Barnes and team write that there’s “no weakness here!”–and yes, they used an exclamation point–when describing FedEx’s earnings: EPS from continuing operations of $2.51 were nicely ahead of our and consensus estimates ($2.32 and $2.34, respectively). Share repurchases, tax rate, and a modest fuel tailwind were all positives relative to our expectations, but this would have been an earnings beat without these items. FDX raised its FY/16 EPS guidance range to $10.7010.90 from $10.4010.90, much better than our forecast for management to revise guidance to $10.4010.60. The new outlook varies from our prior expectations in several key ways. … Continue reading