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Top Undervalued Stocks To Watch Right Now

Applied Materials’ (NASDAQ:AMAT) stock is a good investment right now for both value and growth investors, especially with the recent price dip. In the past two weeks, the market has fallen quite a bit with the Nasdaq leading the fall. There was a minor correction in the markets which resulted in the Nasdaq being pummeled. However, I believe that while there is a shining gem in the Nasdaq....More>>>

Top Blue Chip Stocks For 2018

Retirement investing is not what it used to be. In the old days, one could just invest in the safe stocks to buy, in blue chips, in a nice ladder of bonds, and do just fine.

Alas, the market has significantly changed. Much of this is due to the historically low interest rates weve had.

The problem with the Federal Reserves attempt to goose the economy is that it killed bond yields,....More>>>

best stocks to buy

There’s been an artificial intelligence revolution (AI) going on all around us for the last several years. It may not seem obvious at first, but it you look closely, the signs are everywhere. Natural language understanding powers virtual assistants on cellphones. Natural language processing is providing foreign language translations on websites. Mapping apps are giving directions, detecting....More>>>

Top 10 Gold Stocks To Own Right Now

Twilio Inc. (NYSE: TWLO) was one of the best initial public offerings we have seen in some time. Shares had risen as high as almost $71.00 after the IPO was at $15.00 per share in June. After huge gains, it is not unusual to see shareholders and insiders wanting to take some cash home. Now some investors are going to have to consider ifthis 7 million share underwritten secondary offering at $40.00....More>>>

Best Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now

Does the thought of your child behind the wheel of a potentially lethal weapon produce chills up your spine? In my case, it brings tears to my eyes!  If your child or grandchild has started to talk about having their own car or driving yours, it’s time to take this topic of teens and cars seriously.

Interestingly, the trend of obtaining drivers licenses is decreasing, so you....More>>>

Hot Low Price Stocks To Buy Right Now

The major market benchmarks never broke into positive territory on Monday, and by the closing bell the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJINDICES:^DJI) and the S&P 500 (SNPINDEX:^GSPC) indexes had each shed less than 0.5%.

Today’s stock market


Percentage Change

Point Change




S&P 500




Top 5 Undervalued Stocks To Watch Right Now

Teck Resources (NYSE:TECK) performed exceptionally well in 2016, rising from the low single digits to the mid-$20s. I don’t think the stock will repeat that strong performance in 2017. However, I do think the stock will outperform the S&P 500 with strong double-digit gains. Teck Resources’ recent 20% pullback has the stock at an oversold level. The stock remains undervalued as compared....More>>>

nyse penny stocks

Looking for stocks to buy for March is a tall, tall task. It seems tough to believe the market has any further gains to give following its heroic 3.7% gain last month — especially given Thursday’s weakness and Friday’s tepid follow-up.

But veteran traders know anything is possible, and wise traders have learned the “expect it when you least expect it” lesson....More>>>

Best Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

Last night, MetLife (MET) set out its plans to separate a big piece of its life insurance business, to be known as Brighthouse Financial, from the rest of the company. Deutsche Bank’s Yaron Kinar has the details:

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Separation is expected to take place in 1H17. As of now, it is expected to be through an 80.1% spin, followed by full divestment within 5 years.....More>>>

Top 10 Stocks To Own Right Now

Just like real NBA players, video gamers who put in thepain are going to see the gain.

Only in this case, the pain comes from real-world practice for rewards enjoyed virtually.

Video game developer, San Francisco-based 2K, has figured out a novel way to deal with one of the biggest criticisms leveled at the industry, that it promotes lethargy.

2K, makers of the best-selling....More>>>