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Hot Small Cap Stocks To Watch For 2019

This week, small cap gaming stock SPYR Inc (OTCQB: SPYR) announced the addition of Home Makeover 4, a game being co-published with Tamalaki on iOS devices thats intended to targetpotentially overlooked gaming demographic: Female gamers.Back in 2014,the Internet Advertising Bureau published a study finding that 52% of the gaming audience is made up of women. Yet, there continues to be astereotype....More>>>

Hot Low Price Stocks To Invest In Right Now

This stock’s low price isn’t going to last forever — it’s time to get in while the getting’s good.

One of the main goals of my premium newsletter High-Yield Investing is stability. I like industries that don’t go through unpredictable hot and cold cycles. Student Transportation (NYSE: STB) is a textbook example.

Millions of kids must travel to and....More>>>

Top 10 Safest Stocks To Watch Right Now

I love talking about investments that can make you lots of money. But you know what I love even more? Simple strategies that can SAVE you lots of money with very little effort.

After all, even the safest investments carry risk. Meanwhile, some money-saving strategies can end up putting a lot more cash in your pockets with absolutely ZERO risk!

Take car insurance. Despite all the commercials....More>>>

Top 10 Warren Buffett Stocks For 2018

Aniruddha Meher

If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians.

Warren Buffett

Investing, particularly investing well, is not the easiest game in the world. It requires a multitude of virtues like patience, keeping faith in your investment and the important ability to admit it when a mistake has been made. Even the doyen of investing....More>>>

Hot Performing Stocks To Buy For 2018

&l;p&g;In only four days of trading, the stock market had something for both the bulls and bears.&a;nbsp; The sharp rally on Monday was consistent with the previous week&s;s one-sided market internals, when the Dow Industrials declined 1413 points.

&l;img class=&q;dam-image ap size-large wp-image-173bbfbceee6da11af9f0014c2589dfb&q; src=&q;https://specials-images.forbesimg.com/dam/imageserve/173bbfbceee6da11af9f0014c2589dfb/960×0.jpg?fit=scale&q;....More>>>

Top 10 Casino Stocks To Own Right Now

The shuttered Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City has found a buyer.

The new owner will be a group of investors led by Hard Rock International, the company behind Hard Rock Cafe.

President Trump once operated the hotel, but financed the project with junk bonds and could not cover their payments. He parted ways with the place in 2009.

Carl Icahn, who serves as an adviser....More>>>

best way to invest money

&l;a href=&q;http://finapps.forbes.com/finapps/jsp/finance/compinfo/CIAtAGlance.jsp?tkr=csco&a;amp;tab=searchtabquotesdark&q; target=&q;_blank&q;&g;Cisco&l;/a&g; announced its &l;a href=&q;https://s2.q4cdn.com/230918913/files/doc_presentations/2018/Q3FY18-Earnings-Slides.pdf&q; target=&q;_blank&q;&g;Q3 fiscal 2018 earnings&l;/a&g; on May 16, reporting a 4% year-over-year increase in net revenues....More>>>

Top 10 Medical Stocks To Own Right Now

The inks barely dry on a cannabis deal of epic proportions.

Three of the worlds leading marijuana companies have decided to pool their resources in a huge joint venture.

The deal struck between Canadas Canopy Growth, Hollands Green House Brands and the U.S. own Organa Brands marks the first time in history a legal weed cartel will exist.

Amazing how times can change so quickly,....More>>>

day trading futures

Consumer spending makes up about 70% of the U.S. economy, according the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. And that money goes to more than just the stores and product manufacturers.

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It also is the heart of the tax base for municipal, state and federal governments. It drives the entire nation.

day trading futures: Haynes International, Inc.(HAYN)