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Top 10 Bank Stocks To Watch Right Now

A December interest rate hike is on the table and investors have been frantically reallocating their portfolios in anticipation of the announcement. The probability of an interest rate hike at the December 14th FOMC meeting, according to action in the futures market, is currently implied at 95.4%. The image below shows the latest probabilities from CME Group’s Fed Watch Tool


great investment stocks

Sometimes the market gets fairly excited about a perceived significant event causing a lot of would-be investors to jump into an investment without properly weighing all the potential risks and outcomes. Cobas Asset Management invested in Teekay Corporation (TK) to the tune of about 4 million shares. This is probably a very welcome development. It tends to confirm the bull long-term goal of multibagger....More>>>

company stock prices

SAN FRANCISCO Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on Wednesday agreed to forgo any annual equity award she might get for 2017because of the massive breach her company suffered in 2014. The Yahoo board also voted to withhold her 2016 annual bonus usually around $2 millionfor the same reason.

Under her contract, her equity award is not to be less than $12 million per year.

The announcement came....More>>>

Best Cheap Stocks To Watch For 2017

I like finding companies that are doing much better than other business whose stocks trade at a heftier premium, and I think I’ve found such a company in Magna (NYSE:MGA).

The shares are trading at a ridiculously cheap valuation relative to the inherent value here. In the fully relativistic game of investing, faced with limited capital, we’re much better buying a company like....More>>>