Patriot One Technologies (CVE:PAT, PTOTF) Just Put OSI Systems (OSIS) and American Science & Eng

Look out OSI Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSIS), and step aside American Science & Engineering, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASEI). You may be the key names in weapons detection and security screening right now, but an up-and-comer called Patriot One Technologies Inc. (CVE:PAT, OTCMKTS:PTOTF) is about to unleash a rival product that turns heads, and steals your customers.

Weapons detection tools in a world that’s always got terrorism threats lurking around every corner are no laughing matter, though were it any other subject, the results would be laughable. See, as advanced as the x-ray and screening products made by American Science & Engineering and OSI Systems may be, they just don’t work well enough.

Case in point: A recent internal investigation performed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) found that undercover investigators were able to smuggle fake explosives and weapons through checkpoints in 95% of trials, which they conducted at dozens of America’s busiest airports. What’s the point?

For the past several years Patriot One Technologies has been working on a technology, called the CMR1000, that changes everything.

The CMR1000 (‘CMR’ is an short for Cognitive Microwave Radar) is an amazing device. It works not unlike a X-ray machine at an airport, but also not unlike a more conventional metal detector you might find at an airport or at the entryway to a building. In all regards though, it’s better than both. By using high-frequency microwaves that are harmless to humans, the CMR1000 can even pinpoint exactly what kind of metallic weapon it is… a semi-automatic pistol versus a revolver, or a machete versus a pocket knife. Most important, the CMR1000 boasts a (very) high detection-accuracy rate of 93%.

And it’s almost ready… ready enough to officially unveil this April at the ISC West (International Security Conference) in Las Vegas, and immediately begin taking orders for initial deliveries around the middle of this year. The device’s field tests in Orlando as well as at the company’s headquarters in Burlington, Ontario have both proven the technology works as described/

It’s not just a powerful weapons detection tool, however. It’s a robust ‘system’ in every sense of the word, with each detector networked with other detectors to share information about weapons they detect, so each one gets better as they continue to operate. Think of it as ‘machine learning,’ since that’s what it is.

And per today’s press release, the CMR1000 from Patriot One Technologies may be even more powerful than first envisioned, in that its underlying software is capable of doing more than first described. Patriot One is now optimizing its software to enhance performance characteristics and continues to collect additional weapons “signatures” for entry into the NForce proprietary database library. This is being achieved through an extensive law enforcement network which provides controlled access to weapons collections globally.

The kicker: The platform has the ability to combine a camera image of an individual as an alert is triggered, so security personnel not only know what kind of weapon is present, but who’s holding it.

In other words, the technology will be ‘smart’ and useful to security-keepers right out of the gate.

The company also assured PTOTF investors (or PAT investors, for Canadians) it’s going to be able to meet the expected swell of demand later this year, having already lined up a manufacturer. Patriot One President Dinesh Kandanchatha commented “In preparation, our supply relationships are already being locked down, and we are satisfied that we have a robust design ready to meet both customer requirements and volume expectations.”

At stake is a piece of an anti-terrorism market that’s worth an estimated $117 billion.

For more on Patriot One Technologies, visit the company website here.

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