Advertising Is The Best Way To Monetize Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp

Facebooks (FB) recent announcement that it will roll out a global advertising platform for its Messenger app should inspire more people to bet on this company. This move certainly convinced me to stay long FB. Mark Zuckerberg stated back in February 2014 that he personally believes that ads are not the right way to monetize messaging. It goes to show that Zuckerberg has now disregarded his personal....More>>>

Look Twice Before Buying MagnaChip


MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation (MX) has a major problem. Before investors jump in, they should understand MagnaChip’s enormous debt and limited customer base. Since December 2016, long-term debt has soared 36% to $300 million. In addition, they only have ten major customers, accounting for 64% of their total net sales. Two of those customers (Samsung Display Corp.....More>>>

Ebix – Growth At An Attractive Price

The recent decline in the share price of Ebix (EBIX) is an opportunity for investors to pick up the shares of a software supplier to the insurance industry at an attractive price. Ebix offers a suite of services used by hundreds of insurance carriers in the areas of life insurance, employee health benefits, risk management, workers compensation, and property and casualty insurance. It also provides....More>>>

If this ominous pattern holds, it may be time to bail stocks and load up on commodities

Over the past half-century, commodities have never been cheaper relative to equities than they are right now. And while the stock market continues to notch new highs, an eerie calm hangs over the commodity trading pits.

With wild price swings, massive upcycles, exciting resource discoveries and extreme weather events all playing into things, theres usually never a dull day in the sector,....More>>>

15 jaw-dropping predictions for workers over 50

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Genius clubs to channel older workers talents. Mandatory retirement at 80. A dynamic work/life path, instead of todays linear path. The end of the expectation of rising pay as you age. Volunteering: the new status symbol. Unions for older workers. These are some of the fascinating forecasts Ive just heard regarding the future of....More>>>

best stocks today

Warren Buffet aims to hold stocks forever. Were a bit less patient. But we like playing the long game: picking a few solid companies, sticking with them through tough times and hanging on for years, even a decade or more. Investing for the long haul can smooth out the risks of buying individual stocks, which may tumble or stay depressed for ages before taking off. A companys innovations may also....More>>>

‘Bonds Are Winning,’ PGIM Says as JPMorgan Warns of Complacency

Trump Administration Rebuffs Challenge to Fiduciary Rule in Appeals Court

New Jersey Sets Horizon Blue Reserve Cap

Zurich Offers to Buy Back Some Variable Annuities

(Bloomberg) — The slower-than-expected increase in worker pay shows that investors should feel safe in Treasuries, even after yields jumped in the past two weeks, according to PGIM’s Robert Tipp.


Alexandria Minerals Corp Well Positioned for Acquisition

It may be the lazy days of summer, but investment in junior mining companies has been picking up, making for very un-lazy days for those in the gold mining industry. A recent article published by The Financial Post stated that gold miners have invested $290 million in exploration companies during the first six months of 2017, the highest level recorded in the past decade,....More>>>

Top 5 Value Stocks To Buy For 2018

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stock shares

The Q3 earnings report for small cap social media stock MeetMe Inc (NASDAQ: MEET), a previous Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter portfolio pick, is scheduled for before the market opens on Monday (November 7th). In January,our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggestedthe small capas an attractive long-term investing idea thathad also doneextremely wellfor usseveral months before:

Although this....More>>>