One of the Best Marijuana Penny Stocks You Can Buy Now

The best marijuana penny stocks give you the opportunity to bank huge profits from a new, $10 billion-dollar industry with a small initial investment. Today, we’re bringing you one of the best pot penny stocks you can buy right now…

TakeCanopy Growth Corp.(OTCMKTS: TWMJF) for example. This Canadianpot stocksoared 140.09% in just one year.

But finding stocks like these isn’t easy.

Penny stocks are notoriously volatile, and often trade on over-the-counter markets, which are less regulated than the major exchanges. That makes it even more difficult to research the companies.

The good news is that we’ve done the heavy lifting for you by digging into the universe of marijuana stocks and finding companies with serious profit potential.

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While marijuana penny stocks are still risky –Money Morningrecommends that you limit your penny stock investments to 2% of your total portfolio – the one we’ve uncovered could soar.

In fact, thismarijuana penny stock to watch is already operating in one of the next states that could legalize marijuana, which will be a major catalyst for the company…

Arizona Is on the Verge of Fully Legalizing Marijuana

Arizona already allows the sale of medical marijuana, but it could be opening up its laws to all forms of marijuana soon. And the company we’re about to show you is well positioned to profit.

The company we’re watching already has four operating medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona. Plus, it plans to add four production facilities and 10 more dispensaries in four other U.S. states.

Thanks to sales of its cannabis concentrates and cannabis in March, this company’s revenue reached $4 million for the first time.

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