My “Early Warning” System for Maximum Tech Profits

Michael A. RobinsonMichael A. Robinson

Editor’s Note: Identifying the catalysts that sent successful tech stocks soaring can help you spot pending rocket riders before they ignite. That’s why we’re revisiting Michael’s case study on Tesla’s meteoric ride in 2013. Here, he reveals the five specific “sparks” investors should watch for. Here’s Michael…

If you want to learn how to double your money investing in high-techstocks, let’s take a look back…

Tesla Inc.(Nasdaq:TSLA), the electric carmaker, found its shares up 457% for the year to date at the end of September 2013 – including a five-day surge of 52%.

Today, let’s take a few minutes to understand the five catalysts behind what was happening there.

All five of those catalysts are the same things we still hope to see when searching fortech stocksabout to burst – so today’s investors will find this history lesson worth studying.

Let’s crack the books…

Going on a Rocket Ride

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