McDonald’s Free Fries Fridays: How to Get Yours

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is offering free fries every Friday throughout the rest of 2018 as part of a new promotion that is encouraging consumers to use the company’s mobile app.

McDonald's Source: Shutterstock

The fast food chain announced that customers can get free fries every Friday for the rest of the year when they spend at least $1 at the company store, excluding taxes. Plus, customers will have to order using the chain’s mobile app, which requires that you download it.

You can only access the McDonald’s free fries offer once per day on Fry-Day. The burger restaurant added that the same offer applies for a free soft drink every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the year, also by spending at least $1 and ordering through the company’s mobile app.

The restaurant has a slew of other deals through its mobile app as when you order five coffee beverages, the sixth one will be on the house. Alternately, McDonald’s is offering a coffee of any size for $1 after you order now with both deals being made available to consumers from now until the rest of the year.

Another deal that is being offered from now until the end of September is that you can get most of the chain’s sandwiches for $1 or a second coffee drink for a penny when you order a medium or large one.

MCD stock gained a fraction of a percentage on Thursday.

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