Mark Your Calendar: The Treasury-Fueled Rally Ends Today

Lee AdlerLee Adler

You probably didn’t notice this when you woke up this morning, but there’s something very special – and more than a little bit sinister – about today, April 19.

You see, today is as good as it gets for the stock market. It’s likely downhill from here.

Why? Well, since March 29, the U.S. Treasury has been paying down debt – and pouring $114 billion of its cash hoard back into the market in the process.

That’s over as of today, Thursday, April 19, 2018. From here on, Treasury supply will just keep building and building… while the liquidity needed to drive stocks higher dries up.

That’s not good news for stocks, and that means there’s only a week or two left to get my recommendations for what comes next…

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Lee AdlerLee Adler

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