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Pfizer’s $100 billion bid for AstraZeneca, the biggest and latest in a series of proposed big pharma mergers, makes sense for both drugmakers, but likely won’t get done unless the offer is sweetened, analysts say. Word of a possible merger between the British-based maker of cholesterol medication Crestor and New York-based Pfizer marketer of erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra propelled shares of both companies Monday. Pfizer rose 4.2% to $32.04, while AstraZeneca surged 12.2% to $77.01. “The deal makes sense because the two companies end up quite a bit stronger,” says Seamus Fernandez, manager director for Leerink Partners Equity Research. “But at the existing price, this is clearly not going to happen.” An earlier Pfizer bid was spurned in January. The latest cash-and-stock offer, worth about $76.60 a share, was rejected over the weekend. AstraZeneca said in a statement Monday that the latest offer “very significantly undervalued AstraZ eneca and its … Continue reading

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Source: World Economic Forum The StressTest column appears every Thursday on Check back weekly and follow@TMFStressTest. Few would describe Jamie Dimon as warm and cuddly. At one point during JPMorgan Chase’s (NYSE: JPM  ) investor day, the feisty CEO responded to bank analyst Mike Mayo with a snarky, “That’s why I’m richer than you.” And while that could perhaps be waved off as playful, in the wake of the London Whale trading debacle and the CEO/Chairman brouhaha, there are plenty of investors and market watchers who simply can’t stand Dimon. But I would suggest that even the harshest Dimon critics set aside their ire — even if just momentarily — and tune in to one particularly insightful moment from JPMorgan’s second-quarter conference call. Throughout the call, analysts peppered Dimon and CFO Marianne Lake with questions pertaining to the particulars of the company’s accounting — most notably, approaches to adjust the … Continue reading

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Source: Windstream. Windstream Holdings (NASDAQ: WIN  ) reported second-quarter results on Thursday morning. The regional telecom and business-focused data services specialist saw sales fall 2% year over year, landing at $1.47 billion. Windstream grew its list of enterprise customers by 3%, while all other divisions reported annual subscriber shrinkage. GAAP earnings came in at $0.02 per share, down from $0.06 per share in the year-ago period. Adjusted OIBDA earnings, which is a non-GAAP metric that’s closer to an operating cash flow measure than to tax-accounting GAAP income, fell 7%, to $543 million. Source: Windstream. Both sales and earnings fell short of Wall Street estimates, as analysts were looking for earnings of $0.06 per share on $1.48 billion in pro forma sales. Best Income Companies To Invest In Right Now: Rexnord Corp (RXN) Rexnord Corporation (Rexnord), incorporated on July 13, 2006, is a multi-platform industrial company. The Company comprises of two platforms, … Continue reading

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Were you excited about the arrival of New Coke? Do you still have some old LaserDiscs stashed in the back of your closet? These products that failed also happened to be among the most overhyped in history. That’s the sort of thing that keeps CEOs awake at night, because overhyped products that fail also tend to be public relations nightmares. Predicting a failed product is not as easy as it might seem, however, since products can fail for a lot of reasons. It could be that no one wants it, or that an unexpected fatal flaw arises, or that it’s just not that good. Each of these 11 products that flopped has a cautionary tale to tell… 11 Overhyped Products That Failed Overhyped Products That Failed No. 1: New Coke. Perhaps the most amazing product blunder of all time, The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) launched New Coke in 1985 in … Continue reading

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The latest update for our Prime Time portfolio is a provider of high-performance glass for LCD televisions, computer monitors, and other information display applications, notes Charles Mizrahi, editor of Hidden Values Alert. We like the diversification behind Corning (GLW). The company gets 36% of its revenues from Display technologies, 27% from Telecommunications, 12% from Environmental Technology, 17% from Specialty Materials (tablets/mobiles phones), and 8% from Life Sciences. This diversification reduces the company’s exposure to a specific industry, smoothing out potential bumps in the road to a particular segment. GLW spent more than $700 million on R&D in the past 12 months (about 9% of revenue). The company continues to find applications for its glass technology. The company can employ its proprietary technology in growth drivers such as the smartwatch and smart television markets, as well as windshields or marker boards. GLW has more than $10.6 billion of cash and investments … Continue reading