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DALLAS (AP) Out of the Closet Thrift Store is not your average resale shop. Instead of signaling a retail decline, as such shops sometimes do, its grand opening last weekend on Cedar Springs Road in Oak Lawn turned into a noisy celebration. In attendance were two Dallas City Council members, the head of the county health department and a staff member of a local congresswoman. They gave fiery speeches and then headed indoors to do some shopping. The big attraction was that this thrift store is operated by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest private, nonprofit provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the nation and the world. The shop will not only sell used clothing and furniture but will offer customers free HIV testing and counseling. On opening day Saturday, April 19, the shop tallied nearly $10,000 in sales and 64 HIV tests. Top Medical Companies To Own In Right … Continue reading

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The day of Akshay Tritiya is a special occasion to acquire gold. To make this day truly auspicious, you should invest in Gold ETFs. Gold has a proven track record of generating safe returns. Historically it has shown stability even in times of severe crises. Keeping a part of your investments in gold for the longer term, will enable you to have a stable portfolio. Why Gold on Akshaya Tritiya? Buying gold is a popular activity on Akshaya Tritiya, as it is the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold and gold jewellery bought and worn on this day signifies never diminishing good fortune. Gold a safe investment avenue for higher and secured returns against all other asset classes. The world’s safest avenue as a hedge against inflation. Gold prices have increased by 32% since last Akshaya Tritiya on May 6, 2011. Gold should be an integral part of any … Continue reading

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In a yield-starved environment, mREITs sporting double-digit dividends have caught the attention of many investors. One company that has grown extremely fast during the Fed’s QE programs is American Capital Agency (NASDAQ: AGNC  ) . The mREIT’s asset balance has ballooned during the past several years, and investors saw huge total returns during that time. However, the mortgage-backed securities on its books lost value in the most recent quarter. Is this a concern? In this video, Motley Fool financial analyst David Hanson reminds investors of the relationship between the dividend and the balance sheet and why investors should be asking themselves a few questions. Annaly Capital is the largest player in the mREIT market and also sports a monster dividend. In The Motley Fool’s premium research report on Annaly, senior analysts Ilan Moscovitz and Matt Koppenheffer uncover the key challenges the company faces and divulge three reasons investors may consider buying … Continue reading

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On this day in economic and business history … The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI  ) was first published on May 26, 1896. Charles Dow, working in partnership with Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser, was a pioneering financial journalist who began creating stock indexes (primarily composed of railroad companies) in 1884 to flesh out his daily news bulletins. These quick briefs would be hand-delivered to traders on the New York exchange floor throughout the day and would later be aggregated into a close-of-business news recap called the “Customer’s Afternoon Letter” — the progenitor of The Wall Street Journal, which was originally only four pages long and cost its stock-loving readers a mere two cents. Charles Dow’s early forays into stock indexing coincided with a massive boom in railroad investments, an echo of the explosion of railroad companies that followed the construction and completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. However, a massive … Continue reading

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If last decade was the “lost decade,” then this decade is certainly something of a rebirth for the markets, which have more than doubled off their recession lows. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI  ) , which is made up of a mix of 30 diversified sectors leaders that encompass the health of the overall economy and has symbolized the strength of the American stock market for nearly 200 years, hit an all-time intraday record high above 15,000 on Friday. Four years ago, none of this would have been even remotely imaginable; however, a series of enterprise cost cuts and favorable monetary policy from the Federal Reserve has the U.S. economic train firmly back on the tracks. Not everyone agrees that the markets can necessarily head higher, but few investors would dare bet against the Dow’s five most loved stocks. As we did last month, I propose examining the five … Continue reading