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The latest buy for my Special Situations portfolio is Ryman Hospitality (NYSE: RHP  ) . The company operates four of the top 10 largest convention hotels in the U.S., and it converted to a REIT late last year, making it more likely to trade for a higher multiple. In March, I bought $2,000 of the stock, and it has since done little but go down. But Ryman is a solid company with premier properties that deserves to trade at a premium to peers, rather than a steep discount. So I’m adding another $1,000 to my position. A brief recap In my original write-up, I pointed out why you should love Ryman: A low relative valuation A high dividend — at 5.8% A commitment to return all funds from operations (FFO) to shareholders this year, through dividends and buybacks The highest adjusted EBITDA per room The best collection of convention hotels in … Continue reading

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A troubling sign has emerged among some of the biggest names in technology as a result of their most recent earnings announcements. Aggregate demand in the form of meaningful revenue growth appears to have vanished. Unfortunately, there’s only so far you can cut expenses to drive new levels of profitability before investors start to recognize there’s a potentially serious problem. Anemia on the rise Although IBM (NYSE: IBM  ) managed to satisfy investors by upping its full-year earnings guidance, Big Blue reported a year-over-year revenue decline of 3.3% to $24.9 billion, which translated to a net income decline of 16.9% in the second quarter. After adjusting for currency fluctuations, IBM’s revenue would have only declined by 1%. As far as earnings guidance is concerned, the company raised its full-year outlook by $0.20 a share to $16.90, above the analyst consensus of $16.64 a share. According IBM CFO Mark Loughridge, the guidance … Continue reading

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Xylem Inc. (0.7%) (XYL)(XYL – $36.42 – NYSE) is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and application of highly engineered technologies for the transportation, treatment, and testing of water. The company is expected to benefit from favorable long term fundamentals in the water industry, driven by scarcity, population growth, aging of the infrastructure, and the need to improve water quality. Further, with a large installed base of pumps and systems, the company is well positioned to increase aftermarket revenue, which currently represents roughly 40% of total revenues. Xylem’s attractive business mix also generates strong cash flow, which is expected to support acquisitions, debt service, and dividend growth. Concerns regarding weakness in Europe and municipal spending levels in the U.S. remain, although we believe the long term fundamentals outweigh these concerns. From Mario Gabelli (Trades, Portfolio)’s Gabelli Asset Fund’s first quarter 2014 shareholder comme ntary.Also check out: Mario Gabelli Undervalued … Continue reading

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The massive supply of natural gas that has resulted from new drilling technologies applied to U.S. shale fields over the past few years has been a boon not only to consumers who use gas for heating their homes, but also to a variety of companies, including chemical, steel and fertilizer manufacturers, for whom energy costs are substantial. The U.S. has been inundated with so much cheap natural gas, in fact, that trucking companies are increasingly switching over to gas-powered engines for their fleets, while auto manufactures are offering hybrid vehicles that have the ability to burn both compressed natural gas and gasoline. And now, the next logical step of the natural gas-fueled transformation of the transport industry — gas-powered locomotives — looks to be in its early stages. U.S. railroads show interest in natural gas Since the 1950s, U.S. locomotives have been powered mainly by diesel. But with the combination … Continue reading

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Pfizer’s $100 billion bid for AstraZeneca, the biggest and latest in a series of proposed big pharma mergers, makes sense for both drugmakers, but likely won’t get done unless the offer is sweetened, analysts say. Word of a possible merger between the British-based maker of cholesterol medication Crestor and New York-based Pfizer marketer of erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra propelled shares of both companies Monday. Pfizer rose 4.2% to $32.04, while AstraZeneca surged 12.2% to $77.01. “The deal makes sense because the two companies end up quite a bit stronger,” says Seamus Fernandez, manager director for Leerink Partners Equity Research. “But at the existing price, this is clearly not going to happen.” An earlier Pfizer bid was spurned in January. The latest cash-and-stock offer, worth about $76.60 a share, was rejected over the weekend. AstraZeneca said in a statement Monday that the latest offer “very significantly undervalued AstraZ eneca and its … Continue reading