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Related Best And Worst ETFs Of The Week Amid Greek Relief Deal With the Guggenheim CurrencyShares Japanese (NYSE: FXY) up 10.5 percent year-to-date, ranking it as one of the best-performing developed markets currency exchange-traded funds, it's not surprising that Japan hedged ETFs are struggling. Japan, The Yen And The Market Not only is the yen acting as the safe-haven investment of the moment, global investors are displaying doubts about the effectiveness of the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) stimulus efforts. On the surface, many investors might criticize the lack of inflation, weak macro data and Japan’s corporate exposure to emerging markets as good reasons why Japan’s equity market should have played catch up. However, investors are ignoring a really significant divorce between Japanese earnings revisions and a number of macro indicators. 5 Best Rising Stocks For 2016: Nobilis Health Corp.(HLTH)   Nobilis Health Corp., together with its subsidiaries, acquires and manages … Continue reading

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The phrase “adult diapers” typically doesn’t whip investors into a buying frenzy. But with 10,000 American baby boomers turning 65 on a daily basis and a current population of 44.7 million people age 65+ in the United States, there is a big need that has to be filled. Everyone is focused on selling Boomers healthcare, retirement communities and wealth management; personal hygiene products are often overlooked. Domtar Corp. (NYSE: UFS) to the rescue. As the largest producer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America, Domtar is also major pulp producer. But the demand for uncoated, freesheet paper has been on the decline due to the continuing proliferation of digital technology, forcing the company to reinvent itself through acquisition in the personal care product space. [Related -Bulls Try to Find a Backbone In the Face of Fear and Loathing] Top 10 Mid Cap Stocks To Own For 2016: Microchip Technology Incorporated(MCHP) … Continue reading

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If you plan to sell a substantially appreciated asset, property or business, you can save money with what’s called a two-year installment sale. Basically, it’s a double-sale strategy to create a taxation timing gap between when the asset sale proceeds are received and when they’re taxed. See Also: The Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions Here’s how it works: You can sell the asset to your children or to a separate trust (sometimes referred to as a “deferred sale trust”) on a long-term installment sale. That way, your children or other beneficiaries can receive the full value and enjoyment of the property before the gain is recognized and subject to taxation. At that point, the property can be sold to a third-party buyer for cash. For example, let’s say you own Blackacre, a parcel of land that you originally purchased for $200,000. Today it has a fair market value of $1 million. You … Continue reading

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Related BLK BlackRock Adds To Smart Beta Lineup With 9 Sector ETFs BlackRock: Smart Beta ETF Boom Will Continue Facebook: Overvalued And Over-Owned (Seeking Alpha) Dividend growth, as it should be, is a point of emphasis for seasoned income investors. Plenty of issuers of exchange-traded funds have met that demand with a batch of U.S.-focused dividend growth ETFs. Some issuers are also taking the dividend growth approach to international ETFs. BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK)’s iShares unit, the world's largest ETF issuer, added to the choices among international dividend growth ETFs Thursday with the debut of the iShares International Dividend Growth ETF (BATS: IGRO). Hot Value Companies For 2016: HD Supply Holdings, Inc.(HDS)   HD Supply Holdings, Inc. operates as an industrial distributor in North America. The companys Facilities Maintenance segment offers electrical and lighting items, plumbing, appliances, janitorial supplies, hardware, kitchen and bath cabinets, window coverings, textiles and guest amenities, … Continue reading

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Why oil’s plunge is freaking out the stock market The latest plunge in oil prices is putting a smile on the faces of millions of Americans. But should it? Sure, the stunning crash in oil prices below $27 a barrel seems great for consumers because it’s driven gas at the pump to nearly $1 a gallon in some places. And the thinking is that it should help boost the U.S. economy, with people spending their gas savings. But cheap oil is also causing mayhem in global stock markets. The financial headlines at the start of 2016 are downright scary. With that backdrop, any euphoria over low oil prices is questionable. Here’s why: It’s rocking your retirement account: The Dow has plummeted 1,800 points so far this year and CNNMoney’s Fear & Greed Index is flashing “extreme fear.” You’re not going to be happy when you open your 401(k) statement. The … Continue reading